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Professional Tree Survey Services and

Growers of rare trees
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Latest Tree Availability from our Nursery is now published for winter 2022/23.

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Llanerch Arboriculture is a small business that offers a range of professional Arboricultural consultancy services as well as a range of other tree related functions.

We are also able to offer a limited collection of trees for planting in small gardens, trees that are attractive, unusual, grow slowly and wont be a problem but instead will be a benefit for future generations.

We are a friendly business that tailors the needs of clients and helps cut through jargon and bureaucracy.


To make sure that trees are managed pragmatically and valued by all and to help encourage the next generation of positive well chosen tree planting in gardens and beyond.

Trees should be valued and appreciated.


  • Tree Safety Surveys

  • Trees and Development Surveys

  • Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas

  • ​Chalara Ash dieback health & safety surveys

  • ​Trees causing damage to property

  • ​Expert Witness Reports

  • UK Grown rare trees for gardens

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