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The tree growing bit

Rare trees for gardens

Over many years trees and shrubs have been grown from seeds, cuttings and even a few have been grafted. As our nursery stock increases so will the availability of small numbers of unsual trees grown in mid wales using UK sourced material, much of it from our own Arboretum

Epaulette tree Flowers.JPG

A fantastic small tree for a garden. Unusual, neat, slow growing but very showy. Bees love the flowers. Grown from seed in root control bags to give the densest root system for quick establishment

Epaulette tree (Pterostyrax hispida)

Monkey Puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana)

The distinctive slow growing evergreen tree. Each tree grown from UK seed and grown in root control bags so they have a strong root system and will establish well.

Monkey Puzzle.jpg
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